Laying of ceramic tiles is an art

There are so many different types of wall and floor tiles on the market that, often, choice is the problem. It has, however, opened the door for many home and business owners as they turn to these tiles to express their imagination. Using wall and floor tiles as an art form is not new – you can date this process back thousands of years to ancient Greek and Roman architecture.

Over half a century ago, wall tiles were commonly used, especially in pathways and entryways to upmarket homes. Hallways and public areas often had intricate designs created using floor tiles – you can still see some of these in older buildings. In the home, the trend has been a little smaller in scale with feature walls, bathroom walls (and floors) and hallways being made using floor and wall tiles of different colors and textures.


Some tile manufacturers help by creating designs and supplying the tiles and instructions to replicate these designs. The downside is the care required to ensure you are laying the right tiles in the right places. Freeform is becoming popular with home owners putting together a rough design of the finish they are trying to achieve, then fine tuning the final design as they are installing their tiles.

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